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Classico 1 Group E61 Espresso Machine

Classico 1 Group E61 Espresso Machine

$2,604.35 Excl gst


This Classico is a perfect espresso machine for small venues especially where space is at a premium or plumbed water is not available. Ideal for sites requiring 50 to 70 coffees daily – it will revolutionise the espresso experience for situations like offices, hairdressing salons, boutiques, pubs, bars or home. With the ability to steam milk simultaneously, the Classico features a class leading 2.3ltr boiler and super high-powered 2kw element with a full-sized commercial E61 group.

Lease from only $19.83+gst per week on a 48 month term.

  • Manual fill semi-professional, 1 group machine for the home, office and low-volume outlet.
  • Best in class, high power 2.0 kw element. Delivers perfect espresso milk.
  • Top quality 2.3ltr copper boiler, heated by a multiple-looped element.
  • Able to produce coffee, hot water and steam milk simultaneously.
  • Full size, thermosyphonic, brass bodied coffee making group ensuring consistent temperature and smooth extraction.
  • Pressure gauge and electronic water control.
  • Thermosyphonic circulation ensures group kept at constant temperature for perfect coffee making.
  • Automatic water level system with probe, electronic control unit and solenoid valve.
  • Audible warning when tank requires filling.
  • Power shut off feature to protect the element should the boiler water level drop.
  • Brass-bodied group with stainless steel shower plate, solenoid valve and high pressure pump.
  • Easy-to-clean, stainless steel steam tubes.
  • Group clearance 85mm.